Aer Lingus



Arrivals Terminal:

Aer Lingus is the official Irish airlines. At the LAX, Aer Lingus mostly serves flights to and from Dublin, Ireland.

With that in mind, it makes total sense that this airline lands at the international terminal, which is the B Terminal.

Alternatively, the flights of this airline can be codeshare flights operated by different airlines. And due to that, the Aer Lingus flight can be operated by different airlines, meaning it will land in a different terminal. It might land in Terminal 4 or Terminal 5. With these uncertainties, it is always best to check which terminal your Aer Lingus flight will be landing at upon arrival at the LAX.

Aer Lingus lax airport

Departures Terminal:

The departing Aer Lingus flights operate in similar fashion to the arriving ones. They mostly depart from the B Terminal, with a few exceptions departing from terminal 4 and 5.
As always, it is best to find out which terminal your Aer Lingus flight will be leaving from before you get to the airport. This helps you be better prepared for your trip through the airport!


Aer Lingus flies to almost a hundred destinations worldwide! The LAX is one of its most important destinations in the United States.

You can check your Aer Lingus flight status at the LAX here. You may also contact this airline at the airport on the following number: +1 800 474 7424.


As previously stated, the flights of Aer Lingus may be codeshare flights operated by a different airline. This is made possible by the fact that the airline is a member of the world-famous Star Alliance. This is not specific to Aer Lingus in particular, as man airlines tend to gain memberships in alliances and partner with a multitude of companies to codeshare flights amongst one another.

Thanks to the Star Alliance, Aer Lingus partners up with American Airlines, British Airways, and even United Airlines at the LAX. This explains the possibility of the flights of Aer Lingus operating at terminals 4 and 5.