LAX parking structures

Central Terminal Area Parking

Central Terminal Area Parking


15 Minutes Free Parking

  • $9 First hour or fraction thereof
  • $7 Each 30 minutes after the first hour
  • $60 Maximum for each 24-hour period

Premium Parking – Available in P1
15 Minutes Free Parking

  • $11 First hour or fraction thereof
  • $9 Each 30 minutes after the first hour
  • $70 Maximum for each 24-hour period

Economy Parking

Economy Parking lax airport


  • $8 First hour or fraction thereof
  • $7 Each 30 minutes after the first hour
  • $35 Maximum for each 24-hour period


Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the LAX was welcoming upwards of 80 to even 88 million passengers each and every year! And with such a significant number of people visiting the premises, it makes sense that the facility itself is quite large to accommodate for everyone and for the nearly 40+ million flights taking place yearly.

With the airport being one of the busiest in not only the country, but also in the entire world, some might get a little overwhelmed when heading there. It might get even more overwhelming when you try to figure out where exactly you should be parking.

And it is true that the parking options are numerous, but they are there for your convenience, in that you have a parking option no matter what your wants and needs are. To fully understand the parking system at the airport, the following will be a proper guide:

LAX long term parking map

And in order to choose which parking facility to choose, consider the following three premises as well.

Firstly, understand whether you intend on parking your vehicle for a short while, or a long while. Secondly, consider what your budget is. And thirdly, determine whether you have the time and will to park in a zone that is further from your designated terminal (or even outside the premises), or not.

With a slightly more flexible budget, you can choose valet services. If you do decide to go by this option, it is recommended that you pre-book prior to your arrival to obtain a significant reduction in prices.

LAX long term parking

With this option, you can choose between the LAX economy parking zone and the Central zone. The main difference between them is their proximity to the terminals and the costs. Associated with parking at each zone, with the Central zone being slightly pricier.

LAX short term parking

To connect with the parking management and to ask them all your inquiries, contact them at +1 424 646 7275.

Parking lax airport

LAX short term parking

There are central garages that are labeled P1 through P6, and have a payment system similar to that with the longer duration parking zones.

Charging stations at parking lots

There are charging stations all over the parking lots, with different charging adapters available to suit all of your green cars! The cost for charging, per session, is around $2.

Off-site parking

If you’d like to go easy on your wallet, and you don’t mind spending a litter extra time commuting, then consider parking at the areas that are just outside the airport. There are certain zones that allow parking for long durations at discounted prices. They even offer shuttle services to transport you between the airport and the parking lot!

Motorcycle and Bike Parking Lax airport

Motorcycle and Bike Parking Lax airport

Picking up someone at the LAX

Another thing worth considering, which often gets left out of the conversation about parking at airports, is where you should be heading when picking someone up.
Luckily, the LAX has a waiting space that is free of charge in which you can wait at for nearly a couple hours. If you do wait there, be sure to never leave your car, as that is the only rule for being in that zone. Additionally, once the person you are picking up has arrive at their terminal, you can head over to the lower level of the said terminal to meet them.