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The facilities at the LAX are countless, and each service was specifically chosen by professionals and was made available either for your convenience or for your leisure.

In regards to convenient services, you can find high-speed Wi-Fi that is available throughout the airport so you can stay connected and share your exciting trip through the LAX. If your wait or your layover will take some time, you might want to take a nap or even a shower. Public showers at LAX Airport are not available, but you can definitely enjoy a hot shower and freshen up at select lounges. So if showering is on your agenda while you travel, make sure you purchase a pass to a lounge that offers showers.

Nursing rooms, however, are a lot more commonly available than showers. In fact, you can find a nursing room in each terminal at the LAX! There is also a medical clinic that is ready to assist you in case of an emergency. The clinic can be found at the Tom Bradley International Terminal. In case of an emergency, you can also call the airport police at +1 310 646 7911. Police officers at the airport are trained to use the defibrillators and may assist in medical emergencies until medical personnel show up.

If you require accommodation of any sorts as you make your trip through the airport, such as renting a wheelchair, you may call the special needs office at +1 424 646 5005.
If you happen to be traveling with a pet, such as your service animal, you may find the relief zones at each terminal both inside and outside the building.

Airport services LAX Airport that make your trip that much more enjoyable:

Once all the important aspects have been taken care of, we can go ahead and dissect your options that will make your journey fun.

Most notably, the many restaurants and cafes around the airport are an excellent, and delicious, way to kill time. Once you’ve had your meal, you can wander around the many shops and do some last-minute shopping.

If that’s not your thing, then check out the observation deck that offers visitors a perfect view to the runways, check out the art exhibits at every terminal, or just relax at one of the many spas.

Los Angeles Airport customer service

With the LAX being such a large establishment handling more than 80 million visitors yearly, the customer service center is an integral part in maintaining the regular flow at the airport. The center can be contacted in case of any questions or worries concerning your trip at the airport, the regulations, your upcoming flight, and so on.

The Los Angeles Airport customer service number is +1 855 463 5252. It goes without saying that this service line operates on a 24/7 basis and is always ready and available to attend to your queries.