Flights at the LAX

It’s safe to say that the LAX is hands down one of the busiest airports in the entire world. Around 80 to 88 million people choose to pass through this airport every year, on average.
Monthly, this amounts to tens upon tens of thousands of flights that are operated by nearly 150 different airlines through well over a thousand routes!

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Domestic flights

Within the country, flights from the LAX travel most commonly to New York City, Honolulu, and Chicago.

And with many airline companies having important hubs at the airport, two in particular take a large piece of the cake as they operate many of the busiest routes. Delta Air Lines and the American Airlines LAX flights are amongst the top ten of the most popular domestic and even international routes.

In fact, when it comes to the American Airlines flights from LAX, this airline takes to the sky from this airport to over forty destinations. Delta even travels to nearly fifty! Similarly, the Delta and American Airlines flights to LAX come from all over the world!

Flights at the LAX airport

International flights

With the most common domestic routes covered, the most popular international routes are generally to London, Paris, and Mexico City.

Each one of these destinations averaged over a million passengers, with the number one on the list, London, averaging more than 1.5 million people.

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LAX flight status

If you are wondering about your American Airlines LAX flight status, or the status of any other flight at the LAX, then you are bound to find the following statistic delightful:
Monthly, of all the flights at the LAX:

  • 80.3% are on time
  • 18.8% are late
  • 0.5% are very late
  • 0.5% are cancelled

Your American Airlines flight status at the LAX should be similar to the above mentioned statistics, with 82% of flights being on time, 17% being late, around 1% being very late, and close to none being cancelled. Impressive to say the least!