LAX Airport transport general

LAX Airport transport general overview

With so many options of transportation, there is no one-size fits all. You simply have to look into all the options to figure out what works best for you, your time, your budget, and your overall specific needs.

One of the most common modes of transportation of passengers of the LAX is the use of taxis. This includes ridesharing application services (of which only Opoli, Lyft, and Uber are permitted on the premises) and taxi services from private companies.

The LAX offers many companies that operate on the grounds of the airport and that offer their services through pre-booking and on-spot booking. There is generally a flat rate for riding to popular locations, although this may be subject to change.

Another fan favorite is the option of renting your own car. With over forty different companies operating at the airport (and even more operating off-site with options to transport you to them), there are plenty of vehicles of which you are bound to find what you’re looking for! These companies are located at Lot C, and pre-booking is recommended to get better prices and a more comfortable viewing.

Los Angeles Airport public transportation

Los Angeles Airport public transportation

There are also private and public buses that transport passengers between the airport and specific locations across the city and the region overall.

Many of these companies offer their services directly at the airport, and you simply have to take your pick based on your intended destination. You can also get on one of the shuttles to the LAX Station to pick up the metro (the green Metro C line, to be more specific).

If you’ve booked a hotel, you may also be eligible for a free hotel shuttle transfer. Contact your hotel to find out more about this service.

LAX Airport Ground transportation

In order to be able to pick up a public or private bus, a shuttle service, or even a taxi, you need to be at ground transportation. The ground transportation at LAX is directly accessible from the arrivals level, and it is where you need to be for any sort of pick-up, which includes pick-ups through ridesharing application services as well.

LAX Airport Ground transportation

Inter-terminal transportation

Besides the usual transportation options for coming into and leaving the airport, there are some options for traveling within the airport as well.

The main mode of transfer of passengers within the major locations of the LAX is the shuttle service that follows Route A.

This service is free of charge for everyone, it takes just a few minutes, and it operates on a 24-hour basis! It simply doesn’t get better than that!