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Area Map lax airport

Not only is the LAX one of the busiest airports in the entirety of the United States and the whole world, it is also one of the largest. It has an astonishing nine different terminals, each serving specific airlines and certain passengers.

You may find the idea of getting around the airport daunting and a little scary, but worry not as the structure of the airport is actually fairly simple. It has been made simplistic and straightforward to allow for smoother transportation within the different locations of the establishment. Not only that, but the terminals are also inter connected, with a clear-cut pattern to their positions. You can go from one terminal to another through the inter-terminal transportation that will get you anywhere you want within just a few minutes!

The nine terminals are positioned in a U-shaped pattern going from Terminal 1 all the way through to Terminal 8. Terminal 3 is adjacent to Terminal 2, which is adjacent to Terminal 1, and so on and so forth. These three terminals are located on one side of the structure, with terminals four through eight being on the other side. At the segment where the terminals switch sides, the international terminal, also termed the Tom Bradley International Terminal, is situated there.

For better understanding of the structure, check out the airport map of LAX here. You may also find the terminals outlined alongside the airlines that they serve.

LA area airport map
If you will be driving to the LAX area, then you can enter the following geocodes to arrive to your accurate location:
33.9425, -118.408056.
If, and for further clarity, you would prefer more visual guidance, then check out the terminal map of LAX area here.