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How many terminals at LAX?

In total, there are nine terminals. The naming system goes in such a way where the first eight terminals are labeled one through eight, with the last one being labeled the international one, or just the B terminal.

And since there are more terminals than what is usually expected, they are arranged in a very organized form that allows them to be connected to one another. Some of the terminals are connected through walking passages, and others solely through the shuttle services that transport people from one location to another within the facility.

The layout that they are in is a U-shaped one, with terminals one, two, and three on one side, four to eight on the other, and the B terminal in the curved segment between terminals three and four.

gates does LAX

How many gates does LAX have?

  • There are nearly 146 gates at LAX.
  • In the first one, you can find gates 9 to 18.
  • In the second one, gates 21 to 28.
  • In third one, gates 30 to 39.
  • In fourth one, gates 40 to 49.
  • In fifth one, gates 50 to 59.
  • In sixth one, gates 60 to 69.
  • In seventh one, gates 70 to 77.
  • In eighth one, gates 80 to 88.
  • And lastly, for the B terminal, you can find gates 101 to 146.y

How many gates does LAX have?

LAX terminals by airline

For the purposes of organization, the terminals serve certain airlines each.

To further elaborate, the first one operates almost exclusively local flights, while the second one is a little more flexible with the flights it allows as there are some international companies operating there. The third serves as the main facility for Delta’s flights and thus almost only allows the flights of this company to operate there. Similarly, the fourth one serves as the center for American Airlines. The fifth and sixth ones have a healthy mix of some local and international flights. The seventh and eighth are the main terminals through which United operates its flights at. And last but not least, the B Terminal is dubbed as the international one, which is self-explanatory.

Los Angeles Airport International Terminal

The international one has a capacity to welcome over 10 million passengers yearly, and it houses the most airlines, the most lounges, and arguably the most visitors of all of the nine terminals of the LAX.

To view the LAX international terminal map and better understand the structure of this large terminal, click here.

Los Angeles Airport International Terminal

Services at the terminals

The services at the LAX vary greatly, and they range from those that are for entertainment purposes, and those that include more practical uses.

In general, most of the terminals at the LAX include nursing rooms, outdoor smoking zones, currency exchange offices, family restrooms, VIP services, ATMs, vending machines, pet relief zones, and the like.

Some of the terminals include spas, children’s play zones, an observation deck, an interactive passenger zone, and so on.

It also goes without saying that all of the terminals have their own unique selection of not only restaurants and cafes, but also shops and stores for you to choose from.

No matter which terminal you find your flight operating from at the LAX, you are bound to have a comfortable and smooth journey and a wonderfully good time!