Air Canada



Arrivals Terminal:

With Air Canada playing such a vital role at the LAX, it makes sense that more than one terminal operate flights of this airline. Another reason is that although this airline is considered an international one, it often operates alongside domestic airlines and flights. Additionally, flights are often shared among allied airlines, especially when they are part of the same alliance of partnership. This causes these flights, also known as codeshare flights, to operate at different terminals.

With all that in mind, your Air Canada flight is most likely to arrive at Terminal 5 at the LAX.

If it will not be arriving at this terminal, you can find it at either Terminal 6, 7, 8, or even B.

With such a wide variation of possibilities, it is best to find out which LAX terminal your Air Canada flight will be arriving at ahead of time.

Air Canada lax airport

Departures Terminal:

The variation in the possible terminals at which Air Canada can arrive at extends to the ones it can depart from.

Most commonly, the check-in desks and gates of Air Canada can be found at Terminal 6. If not, then you have a higher chance of finding them at either Terminal 7, 8, or even B.

As with the arriving flights, inquire about our designated terminal before our arrival at the airport to make sure that you do not waste time and that you are well prepared.


The importance of Air Canada at the LAX lies mostly in the fact that it operates flights to many major destinations particularly to Canada. In fact, one of the top busiest international routes from the LAX, which is to Vancouver, Canada, is mostly operated by this airline.

To contact Air Canada at the LAX, call on the following number: +1 888 247 2262. If you are more interested in a quick overview of the upcoming Air Canada flights at the LAX then click here.


Air Canada is a member of the Star Alliance, meaning it can partner with the following airlines at the LAX: Air New Zealand, Avianca Airlines, and United Airlines.