Air France



Phone number: +1 800-237-2747

Arrivals Terminal:

Air France is, as the name implies, the official aircraft company of the country of France.

This company flies to over 200 destinations around the world, with the United States being an important one. Within the country, the LAX always take a big piece of the pie with how crucial this airport is in the international market.

Upon arrival at the LAX, Air France passengers most often find themselves at the B terminal. This is what is known at the international terminal.

If the aircraft will not be landing at the international terminal, then it will most often be landing at Terminal 3. Make sure to find out beforehand which LAX terminal your Air France flight will be landing at.

Departures Terminal:

Since this airline company is French, it understandably also operates its departing flights from the international terminal, also known at the B terminal.

If your upcoming Air France flight will be a codeshare flight, then your best bet is that it might leave from Terminal 3 instead of the B terminal.


Although Air France flies to over 200 destinations, it flies to two major destinations from the LAX. The first being the Tahiti International Airport, and the second being the Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport. The latter is actually the second busiest international route from the LAX, and it is mostly operated by this airline.

To inquire about the Air France flights at the LAX, you can contact the company directly at +1 800 237 2747.

To find out more information about your Air France departing flight from the LAX, then click here. For the same information about your arriving Air France flight, then click here.


Air France has been a member of the SkyTeam Alliance for a while now, and it has established connections with a multitude of airlines around the world. This enables the company to codeshare flights with other companies.
At the LAX, the main partners of Air France are AeroMexico, ITA Airways, Delta, the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, WestJet, and the Virgin Atlantic.