Alaska Airlines



Phone number: 00 800 2527 5200

Arrivals Terminal:

Alaska Airlines is a major airlines company in the United States. At the LAX in particular, it carries significant importance as it has its own hub there. In fact, it is one of the top five airline companies operating at the LAX, bringing in nearly two million passengers yearly.

These passengers that are arriving at the LAX are greeted at either the B terminal, also dubbed the international terminal, or Terminal 6. It depends on the specific destination from which these flights of Alaska Airlines are coming from.

The flights of this airline may also be codeshare flights being operated by different airlines. If so, then expect our Alaska Airlines flight to land at Terminal 4 or even Terminal 5 instead.

Alaska Airlines lax airport

Departures Terminal:

From the LAX, Alaska Airlines travels to over thirty different destinations! Five of them are in the top ten busiest domestic routes from the LAX, and one of them is within the top five busiest international routes from the LAX.

To find the check-in desks and gates for your upcoming Alaska Airlines flight at the LAX, then head over to Terminal 6. If your flight is a codeshare flight, then it might be operating at either one of the following terminals: Terminal 4, Terminal 5, or the B terminal. Due to this uncertainty, you are encouraged to find out additional information about your Alaska Airlines flight prior to our arrival at the airport.


To contact Alaska Airlines and inquire about their services or one or more of their many flights to and from the LAX, then you can reach them at +1 800 426 0333.
To find up-to-date information on your arriving Alaska Airlines flight to the LAX, then click here. For the same information on your departing flight, then click here.


Alaska Airlines is a member of the OneWorld Alliance, meaning it is able to partner with the following companies at the LAX: American Airlines, Air New Zealand, Air Tahiti Nui, and Qantas Airlines.