Asiana Airlines



Phone number: +1 310-642-0300

Arrivals Terminal:

Asiana Airlines is an airline company based in South Korea. This airline has been operating for over thirty years and it now occupies over 20% of South Korea’s airline market, both domestically and internationally.,

Of its many destinations around the world, the LAX in the United States is a significant one. And since this airline is international, it lands at the B terminal, which is the terminal that handles most international flights.

However, flights of Asiana may also be codeshare flights being operated by different airlines. If that is the case, then the flight will land at either Terminal 7 or Terminal 8.
It is best if you find out which LAX terminal your Asiana flight will be landing at, ahead of time.

Departures Terminal:

When it comes to Asiana flights leaving the LAX, the most common terminal from which the flights leave from is the B terminal.

If the flights are codeshare flights, then they will most probably depart from Terminal 7 or Terminal 8, in a similar way to the arriving Asiana flights.

It is recommended to plan for your arrival at the LAX by finding out beforehand which terminal your flight will be leaving from.


Although Asiana travels to over ninety destinations worldwide, at the LAX, it mainly travels to Seoul – Incheon. This destination just so happens to be the fourth busiest international route taken by passengers from the LAX.

To find out more about the services that Asiana provides, you can contact the airline directly at +1 800 227 4262.

To inquire about the status of your Asiana flight at the LAX, as well as your designated terminal and gate number, you can click here.


Asiana is a member of the Star Alliance, one of the largest alliances of the airlines in the world. Being a member of this alliance allows it to partner with a multitude of companies. At the LAX in particular, then Asiana partners with Copa Airlines, and none other than United Airlines as well!