British Airways



Phone number: (800) 247-9297

Arrivals Terminal:

British Airways is, as we all know, the official airline company of the United Kingdom. This airline has technically been around for over a hundred years, reaching far and wide during that time. As of now, it flies to over 180 destinations across the globe. An important destination of this airline is the LAX in the United States.

As this airline is an international one, then it makes sense that its aircrafts and passengers are welcomed at the terminal that handles the international flights, which is the B terminal.
Occasionally, flights of this airline can be codeshare flights with allied airlines, meaning that they are being run by other companies. When this happens, your British Airways flight may be expected to land at a terminal that is different from the B terminal. For instance, your flight may land at Terminal 4, Terminal 5, or even Terminal 6.

Find out which terminal your flight will be landing at beforehand so you can be better prepared for your trip across this massive airport.

Departures Terminal:

The flights of British Airways that are leaving the LAX do so from the B terminal, just like the arriving flights of this airline.

When you are dealing with a codeshare flight, your check-in counters and gates might be found at Terminal 4, Terminal 5, or Terminal 6.

With this uncertainty in mind, it is encouraged that you find out which terminal you should be heading to before you get to the LAX so you can avoid wasting precious time.

British Airways flights


From the LAX, British Airways mostly heads to its main destination, which is to London – Heathrow. In fact, this route is the number one busiest international route taken at the LAX, as it is taken by over 1.5 million passengers yearly! To find out more information about the flights and services of British Airways, then you can contact them at +1 800 247 9297.


This airline is a member of the OneWorld alliance, allowing it to codeshare flights with many airlines at the LAX such as Aer Lingus, Iberia, and Finnair.