China Southern



Phone number: (800) 227-5118

Arrivals Terminal:

China Southern Airlines is one of the major airline companies in China. This company has an impressive fleet size of nearly 650 jets, flying to well over 216 destinations.
As soon as the China Southern Airlines flights touchdown at the LAX, the passengers are greeted at the B terminal. This terminal generally handles international flights at the airport.
When the flight is a codeshare flight handled by different airlines, the passengers will be welcomed at Terminal 4 or Terminal 5.
If you arrive at a terminal different from the one you want to be in, then hop on the inter-terminal shuttle and be at your preferred terminal within just a few minutes!

Departures Terminal:

The China Southern Airlines departing from the LAX depart from the B terminal, also called the TBIT.
The other possible terminals the flights of this airline can depart from when they are codeshare flights are Terminal 3, Terminal 4, and Terminal 5.
Find out which terminal you should be finding your check-in desks and gates before you get to the airport to save valuable time that you can better spend enjoying the other amenities at the airport.

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The main destination that China Southern Airlines travels to from the LAX is to Guangzhou.

To inquire about which LAX terminal your China Southern flight will arrive at, then click here. To figure out which terminal you China Southern flight will depart from, and exactly which gate to head to, then click here.

You also have the option of contacting the airline directly for more pressing matters. You can do so at +1 888 338 8988.


China Southern is a member of the SkyTeam Alliance. This alliance connects multiple airlines with one another.
At the LAX, China Southern partners with none other than American Airlines and Delta Air Lines.