Condor Airlines



Phone number: (866) 960-7915

Arrivals Terminal:

Condor Airlines is a German aircraft company that has many bases across Germany. This airline travels to over 80 different destinations across the world, with the United States being a common destination.

Within the United States, the LAX is always an important hub, as it is, after all, one of the busiest airports in the entire world.
The arriving flights of Condor Airlines land at the B terminal, commonly known as the TBIT. This terminal generally handles international flights coming into, and out of, the LAX.
This is, however, subject to change, which is why you are always encouraged to make sure about the terminal you will arrive at beforehand. This better prepares you for your trip through this magnificent airport.

Departures Terminal:

In terms of the Condor Airlines flights that are leaving the LAX, they leave from Terminal 1.

Condor Airlines flights may also often leave from the B terminal, in similar fashion to the arriving flights.

These uncertainties call for the recommendation to inquire all the details necessary about your upcoming Condor Airlines flight at the LAX prior to your arrival at the airport. This helps you save precious time.

If you happen to be at the incorrect terminal, you can board one of the numerous inter-terminal shuttles that will get you to your designated terminal within minutes and at no extra charge.

condor airlines


The main destination that this airline travels to from the LAX is to Frankfurt in Germany.
To find out which terminal your Condor flight will be arriving at on the premises of the LAX, then check out this page here.
To inquire about which terminal you need to be heading to at the airport in order to catch your flight, then click here.


This airline is currently not a member of any alliance of airlines. However, this does not stop it from forming individual partnerships with different companies.