Copa Airlines



Phone number: +1 786-840-2672

Arrivals Terminal:

Copa Airlines is the official airline company of the country of Panama. This airline company is one of the largest in the region as its reach extends to over eighty destinations around the globe!
Copa makes frequent trips to the United States, with the LAX being a vital hub.
Once Copa flights arrive at the LAX, its passengers are greeted at the B terminal. This makes sense as this terminal is dubbed as the international one.
When your Copa flight is a codeshare flight being operated by different airlines, it may arrive at Terminal 7 or Terminal 8 instead. So find out which LAX terminal your Copa flight is landing at beforehand!

Departures Terminal:

If you have an upcoming Copa flight that is set to depart from the LAX soon, then you are most likely to encounter the right check-in desks and gates at the B terminal. As mentioned earlier, this terminal handles international flights.
Also, and by following similar rules to the arriving Copa flights, you might need to head over to Terminal 7 or Terminal 8 instead, especially when your Copa flight is a codeshare one.
If you want to move around between terminals, then you can do so using the inter-terminal transportation shuttles. These services are not paid, and they are quick in getting you where you want to be!

Copa Airlines flights


If you have any pressing issues about your upcoming Copa flight, you can contact the airline directly at +1 800 359 2672.
For non-urgent issues, you can check out all the information you need about your Copa flight leaving the LAX here. You can also find out which terminal your Copa flight will be landing at, and the status of your flight, by clicking here.


Copa Airlines has been a member of the Star Alliance for a good amount of time now. Since becoming a member, it has been able to extend its reach to far destinations around the world. At the LAX in particular, the companies that partner with Copa are Asiana Airlines, EVA Air, and even United Airlines.