El Al Israel Airlines


Website: elal.com

Phone number: +1 310-646-2906

Arrivals Terminal:

El Al Israel Airlines is the official airline company of Israel. This airline travels to a little less than fifty destinations worldwide, with the LAX being one of them.

As it is an international flight, it is often received at the B terminal. The B terminal, also known as the TBIT, is the airline that handles most, if not all, international flights coming to the LAX and leaving from it. This may sometimes change, however, and the airline could be received at Terminal 5 or Terminal 6 instead.

Due to this uncertainty, passengers of El Al are encouraged to inquire about which terminal they will be landing at upon arrival. This may help them be better prepared for their trip through this large airport.

Departures Terminal:

As is expected, the flights of El Al Airlines depart from the international terminal, more commonly known as the B terminal. Things may change however, and El Al flights may depart from Terminal 3, Terminal 4, Terminal 5, or even Terminal 6.

With all of these options being viable, passengers should find out which terminal they should be heading to preferably prior to their arrival at the airport. However, once at the airport, traveling between terminals is still an option, which can be done by utilizing the inter-terminal transportation shuttles that are free of charge.

El Al Israel Airlines


The main destination that El Al Airlines takes from the LAX is to Tel Aviv. To inquire more about the flights of this airline, you can contact the company directly at +1 800 223 6700.


Due to many reasons, El Al Airlines is not a member of any alliance of airlines around the world. It does, though, sometimes form individual partnerships with some airlines that may allow for codeshare flights to occur. And although this is not as common, it is still a possibility. At the LAX, the main companies that partner with El Al Airlines are AeroMexico, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, and JetBlue Airways.