Etihad Airways



Arrivals Terminal:
The country of the United Arab Emirates has two official airline companies, with Etihad Airways being one of them. This company has only been around for nearly twenty years, but it has already expanded its reach to travel to 130 destinations around the world.
The LAX is an important destination of this airline, and the passengers of Etihad are welcomed at the B terminal upon arrival at the airport.
If the flight is a codeshare flight, then it will land at Terminal 5 instead.

Departures Terminal:
The departing flights of Etihad also operate from the B terminals, as it is, after all, the terminal that handles most international flights.
If the flight is a codeshare flight, then you should be heading to Terminal 5 to find your check-in counters and gates.
With that in mind, passengers are always encouraged to find out which terminal they should be heading to, prior to their arrival at the airport. Knowing such information will help you navigate the LAX better and have a smoother trip.

To contact this airline directly and inquire about their flights from the LAX and the services that they offer, call on +1 877 690 0767.

Etihad is currently not a member of any alliance of airlines in the world, however it does form partnerships with airlines every once in a while.
At the LAX, Aer Lingus and JetBlue Airways partner with Etihad.