Hainan Airlines


Website: hainanairlines.com

Phone number: (888) 688-8813

Arrivals Terminal:

Hainan Airlines is one of the many Chinese airlines that travel to and from the LAX on a frequent basis. This airline has been operating for over thirty years and now flies to well over a hundred destinations across the globe.

When the flights of Hainan Airlines touch down at the LAX, they are greeted at the B terminal. This is the terminal that mostly received international flights.
The terminal at which your flight is landing may be subject to change, so you are encouraged to find out this information prior to your flight. Being prepared for what to expect at the airport can help save time and alleviate confusion. This is especially important if it is your first time at the LAX, or if you are transiting through the airport.

Departures Terminal:

Just as the arriving flights of Hainan Airlines are received at the B terminal, the departing flights of this airline operate from this very same terminal.
Additionally, this is also subject to change, and you are encouraged to confirm the terminal at which you will be able to find your check-in counters and gate before your arrival at the LAX.

To travel from one terminal to another on the premises of the airport, hop on the inter-terminal transportation shuttle that takes people to their desired destination for free!

Hainan Airlines


In order to check the status of your upcoming Hainan Airlines flight, the terminal you should go to, and your gate number, amongst other information, click here.
You can also click here to check out similar information about your Hainan Airlines flight that is landing at the LAX soon.
For more pressing matters and urgent questions, you can contact the company directly at +1 888 688 8813.


Although Hainan Airlines is currently not a member of any particular alliance of airlines in the world, it still sometimes has partnerships with some companies in order to codeshare flights with one another.

At the moment, this is not a common occurrence for the Hainan flights to and from the LAX.