LOT Polish Airlines


Website: lot.com

Phone number: +1 212 789 0970

Arrivals Terminal:

LOT Polish Airlines is the official airline company of the country of Poland. This airline is nearly a hundred years old, and it currently travels to over a hundred destinations across Europe and the world.

This passengers of LOT Polish are welcomed at the B terminal, which is the terminal that handles international flights.

This is not always the case, however, and the terminal that receives the flights of LOT Polish can change based on multiple factors. This is the exact reason as to why passengers are always encouraged to find out which terminal their flight will land at as this helps prepare them for what to expect at the airport.

The other terminals that can receive the flights of LOT Polish are Terminal 7 and Terminal 8.

Departures Terminal:

The departing flights of LOT Polish also leave from the B terminal. When the flight is a codeshare flight, meaning that it is being operated by different airlines, then there is a higher probability that the flight will leave from either Terminal 7 or Terminal 8.
Be informed about which terminal your LOT Polish flight will leave from at the LAX so that you can navigate your trip through the airport in a more efficient manner.

LOT Polish Airlines


The main destination that LOT Polish travels to from the LAX is Warsaw – Chopin. To find out more about the services and flights of LOT Polish between Warsaw and the LAX, then call on +1 212 789 0970.

You can also click here for information about your departing LOT Polish flight from the LAX, such as the designated terminal and gate number. To check the status of your arriving flight to the LAX, click here.


LOT Polish is a member of the Star Alliance of airlines. Its membership in this alliance allows it to partner with United Airlines at the LAX and codeshare flights together.