Phone number: 516-296-9650

Arrivals Terminal:

Lufthansa is the official airline company of the country of Germany. This airline is welcomed at the international terminal at the LAX, which is the B terminal.
When the flights of Lufthansa are codeshare flights, which means that they are being operated by one of Lufthansa’s partner airlines, then it will most probably be received at either Terminal 7 or Terminal 8.

You are encouraged to be well informed about which terminal your flight will arrive at to ensure a smooth trip through the LAX.

Departures Terminal:

The departing flights of Lufthansa also operate from the B terminal, in a similar way to the arriving flights of this airline.

When your upcoming Lufthansa flight is a codeshare flight, then you might encounter your check-in desks and gate at a different terminal instead. Your best bet would be either Terminal 7 or Terminal 8.

Find out beforehand which terminal you are to head to so that you do not waste valuable time at the airport.Keep in mind that traveling between terminals is also possible and is made easy thanks to the inter-terminal transportation shuttle. This service transports passengers in no time and without any charge at all. It also operates on a daily basis, without any breaks.


From the LAX, Lufthansa travels to two main destinations in Germany – Frankfurt and Munich. To find out more about your upcoming Lufthansa flight from the LAX, then click here. You can also find out more information about your Lufthansa flight that is arriving at the LAX, by simply clicking here.
To contact the airline directly and get answers to all your inquiries, then give them a call at +1 800 645 3880.

Lufthansa is not only a member of the Star Alliance of airlines, but it is also one of its founding members. Being a member of this alliance facilitates its collaboration with other companies to codeshare flights with one another. At the LAX, Lufthansa codeshares flights with Air New Zealand, SWISS, and United Airlines.