SAS Scandinavian Airlines



Arrivals Terminal:
The SAS Scandinavian Airlines is the official airline company for the countries of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. These countries make sure that the airline not only has hubs in each major city in these countries, but that it also collectively transports the Scandinavian people to numerous locations across the world, such as the United States, and particularly, the LAX.

The LAX receives the passengers of the SAS Scandinavian at the B terminal, since it is, after all, the terminal that receives most international flights.
Alternatively, the flights of the SAS Scandinavian can also land at Terminal 7 or Terminal 8. This is usually the case when the flight is a codeshare flight being operated by another airline.

Departures Terminal:

The B terminal is the one that handles most of the incoming and outgoing international flights at the LAX. Thus, the flights of the SAS Scandinavian usually depart from this very terminal, also called the TBIT.
When the flight is a codeshare flight, it may depart from Terminal 7 or Terminal 8 instead.
Inquire more about which LAX terminal your flight will be leaving from before your arrival at the airport. This makes you more prepared to tackle the journey across the airport, and it also helps losing valuable time.

SAS Scandinavian Airlines

The main destination that the SAS Scandinavian travels to form the LAX is Copenhagen. To inquire more about this route, and more, contact the airline at +1 800 221 2350.
You can also click here for more information on your SAS Scandinavian flight arriving at the LAX. And click here for more information on your upcoming SAS Scandinavian flight from the LAX.

The SAS Scandinavian has been a proud member of the Star Alliance for a while now. This membership has benefitted the airline in that it has made codesharing flights more simplistic and more accessible.
The main partner of the SAS Scandinavian at the LAX is none other than United Airlines.