Saudia Airlines



Arrivals Terminal:

Saudi Airlines is the official airline company of the country of Saudi Arabia. This airline is well-known in its region, and it even travels to over a hundred destinations worldwide.
Since the airline is an international one, then its passengers are welcomed at the B terminal, which is the terminal that handles the majority of the arriving (and departing) international flights at the LAX.
Your Saudi Airlines flight may arrive at a different terminal due to many reasons, so it is best to check out this information beforehand. This helps better prepare you for your arrival at the LAX, particularly if it is your first visit!

Departures Terminal:

Just like the arriving flights of Saudi Airlines, the departing flights are operated at the B terminal. If, for one reason or another, your flight is taking off from a different terminal, then you can hop on one of the inter-terminal transportation shuttles and be at your preferred destination in a matter of minutes.
These shuttles operate on a 24/7 basis, and they are completely free of charge.
Find out which terminal your Saudi Airlines flight will be leaving from prior to your arrival at the airport so you do not waste precious airport time!


To find out all the information you need about your Saudi Airlines flight arriving at the LAX, click here.
If your Saudi Airlines flight is taking to the sky from the LAX, then find out here which terminal it will depart from, as well as what gate number you should be heading to.
If you would like to contact the airline directly for more pressing matters, contact them at +1 800 472 8342.


Saudi Airlines has recently become a member of the SkyTeam Alliance of airlines. With that being said, the airline still does not commonly codeshare flights too often. This also applies to its flights at the LAX.
This will probably change with time as the airline becomes a more solid member of SkyTeam Alliance.