Sun Country Airlines



Phone number: +18003596786

Arrivals Terminal:

Sun Country Airlines is an American airline that has been operating for nearly forty years and now travels to a little over eighty destinations.
Upon arrival at the LAX, the flights of Sun Country are received at Terminal 1.

Departures Terminal:

Departing Sun Country flights more often than not leave from Terminal 1. This terminal handles most fo the flights of this airline.

However, it could be that some of the flights could depart from the B terminal, also known as the international terminal. When that is the case, your check-in counters would still be found at Terminal 1. You simply have to commute between the two terminals.

Commuting between terminals at the LAX is very simple thanks to the convenient inter-terminal transportation shuttle service. This service operates on a non-stop basis, it is free of charge, and it is quick in transporting passengers, with an average travel time of under ten minutes.


Sun Country Airlines travels to three main destinations from the LAX, and they are:

  • Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • The last destination on the list is actually the second busiest domestic route from the LAX, taken by a little more than a million passengers yearly, and it is partly operated by Sun

Country Airlines.To inquire about the destinations and flights of Sun Country, contact the airline directly at +1 800 359 6786.
Moreover, by clicking here, you can access your Sun Country flight information concerning flights arriving at the LAX. And click here, to access all the fight information about your Sun Country flight departing from the LAX.


Currently, Sun Country Airlines is not a part of any global airline alliances. Additionally, it does not enter into separate collaboration agreements/partnerships with any airline
Thus, the likelihood of your upcoming Sun Country flight being a codeshare flight is therefore almost zero.