Turkish Airlines


Website: turkishairlines.com

Phone number: +1 800 874 8875

Arrivals Terminal:

Turkish Airlines is, as the name suggests, the official airline company of the country of Turkey. This airline has been in operations for nearly ninety years, and it now travels to a jaw-dropping nearly 340 destinations worldwide!

Upon the arrival of a Turkish Airlines flight at the LAX, the passengers will most probably find themselves at the B terminal. This is the terminal that handles the majority of the international flights at the LAX.

When the flight is a codeshare flight, meaning it is being operated by a partner airline, then the flight will most likely arrive at either Terminal 7 or Terminal 8.

Departures Terminal:

The flights of Turkish Airlines tend to depart from the B terminal most of the time. In case of the flights being codeshare flights, then they may depart from either Terminal 7 or Terminal 8.

With this uncertainty involved, passengers are encouraged to stay informed about which terminal or terminals they should find their check-in counters and gates at. Finding out this information beforehand helps save previous time at the airport.

If you need to travel between terminals at the LAX, simply hop on the inter-terminal shuttle that will take you to the terminal of your choice for free and within less than ten minutes.


From the LAX, Turkish Airlines mainly travels to Istanbul, Turkey.

For your upcoming Turkish Airlines flight at the LAX, click here to get all the necessary information that you need, from gate number to flight status.

If your Turkish Airlines flight will be arriving at the LAX sometime soon, the click here for the flight information.

For more urgent issues, call the airline company directly at +1 800 874 8875.

Turkish Airlines has been a proud member of the Star Alliance for a while now. This membership allows it to partner up and codeshare flights with Air New Zealand, Avianca, and United Airlines at the LAX.