United Airlines


Website: united.com

Arrivals Terminal:

United Airlines is an American airline company that holds great significance at the LAX since it occupies a hub at the airport, which is mainly at Terminal 7, and also at Terminal 8.
In fact, this company is considered the third largest airline at the airport, bringing in, on average, about four million passengers each year!

As already stated, the main terminals that receive flights of United Airlines are Terminal 7 and Terminal 8. Terminal B also receives flights that are coming in from international destinations, as it is, after all, the terminal that handles most of the international flights at the LAX.

Terminal 6 may also receive some United Airlines flights. This is mostly the case when the flight is a codeshare flight.

Due to the many possibilities, you are encouraged to be informed about which terminal you will be landing at so you can be well prepared.

Departures Terminal:

Terminal 7 and Terminal 8 are the main terminals form which flights of United Airlines depart. When the flights are codeshare flights, Terminal 6 and the B terminal can be the terminals from which the flight depart from.


United Airlines flies to nearly forty different destinations from the LAX. As a matter of fact, this airline partly operates all ten of the top ten busiest domestic routes from the LAX. Internationally, it partly operates half of the top ten busiest routes from the LAX.
Such impressive statistics have helped earn this airline such a great reputation at the LAX. If you would like to contact the company directly and inquire about their destinations and flights from the LAX, you can do so at +1 800 241 6522.


United Airlines is a member of the Star Alliance. This allows it to partner and codeshare flights with the following airline companies at the LAX:

  • Air Canada
  • Air China
  • Air New Zealand
  • All Nippon Airways
  • Copa Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • SWISS Airlines