Virgin Australia



Arrivals Terminal:

The Virgin Australia, as the name suggests, is an airline company that is based in Australia and that uses the Virgin brand.
This airline has been around for around twenty years, and it has achieved great success in the meantime. Currently, the airline travels to over thirty destinations within and outside of its native country of Australia!

And although the Virgin Australia doesn’t have any specific terminal at the LAX at which it always lands, it does have a few solid options.

The terminals that are most likely to receive the flights of the Virgin Atlantic are Terminal 7, Terminal 8, and the B terminal.

The B terminal is mostly deemed the international terminal, or the one that receives the international flights at the LAX.

Which terminal the aircraft will land at depends on many factors, including whether the flight is a codeshare flight or not.

Departures Terminal:

As with the arriving flights of the Virgin Australia, the departing flights also do not have a specific terminal from which they always fly out of.

However, the options are more or less the same – Terminal 7, Terminal 8, and the B terminal, also known as the TBIT.

You are recommended to check out beforehand which terminal your flight will be departing from so that you can be better prepared and so that you can save very valuable time at the airport.


To discover all the information you need on your Virgin Australia flight arriving at the LAX, click here. For the same information on your departing flight, click here.


This airline is currently a member of one of the three largest alliances of airlines in the world. However, it still forms individual partnerships and alliances with other airline companies constantly. Because of that, it is able to primarily partner with United Airlines at the LAX. This explain why this airline can operate at the terminals that are considered hubs for United Airlines.