WestJet Airlines


Website: westjet.com

Arrivals Terminal:
WestJet Airlines is a Canadian airline company that is actually the second largest in its native country after the country’s official airline company – Air Canada. WestJet Airlines has been around for a little less than thirty years, and it has already achieved great feats. This airline even currently operates well over seven hundred flights each and every day!
Upon its arrival at the LAX, this airline is welcomed at Terminal 2 most of the time. However, that is not always the case, and the airline may land at Terminal 3 instead, or even the B terminal, termed the international terminal.

This is due to several factors, one of which being that the flight could be a codeshare flight being run by a different airline.

Departures Terminal:

Although WestJet is an international airline, flights to and from Canada oftentimes operate hand in hand with the domestic flights at the LAX.

For this reason and more, you are most likely to find your WestJet flight being operated at Terminal 2. When the flight is a codeshare flight, it has a higher likelihood of being operated at Terminal 3, or even the B terminal, sometimes called the TBIT.

In order to be on the safe side, do find out beforehand about which terminal your WestJet is set to leave form at the LAX!

WestJet Airlines lax airports


WestJet travels to five different destinations from the LAX. One of these destinations, which is Vancouver, Canada, is the sixth busiest international route taken by passengers from the LAX. This route is taken by almost a million people yearly, and it is partly operated by WestJet.


As of yet, WestJet is not in any major alliance of airlines in the world. But it does not stop forming individual partnerships and alliances with various companies. Most notably, WestJet is partnered with AeroMexico, Delta Air Lines, and Qantas Airlines at the LAX.