Xiamen Airlines


Website: xiamenair.com

Arrivals Terminal:
Xiamen Airlines is a Chinese airline company that has been operating for a little less than forty years. This airline has been able to achieve a lot in its time of operation, and it now travels to over seventy destinations both in and outside of China!
Upon arrival at the LAX, the airline is greeted at the B terminal.

Departures Terminal:
The B terminal at the LAX is considered the terminal that handles most of the international flights at the airport. Thus, the flights of Xiamen Airlines mostly operate from this very terminal, which is sometimes referred to as the TBIT.
Do make sure, however, of your designated terminal and gate number beforehand so you can be better prepared for your trip through the airport.

The main destination that the airline travels to from the LAX is to Xiamen, in China. To inquire about their services and operations, give them a call at +1 844 629 5557.
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Xiamen Airlines is currently a proud member of the SkyTeam alliance, which is the largest alliance of airlines in the world. This allows the company to extend its reach to various different locations, and it allows it to be better able to codeshare flights with other airline companies as well.